Tuesday, January 31, 2012

victorian disco

is at it again!!! giveaway time! this contest runs until feb 20th and the prizes are phenomenal!!!!

(face)Mask Monday!!

good  morning!! so i realized last night as i was drifting off that i forgot to post my new monday series so here it is...better late then never right?!

Todays review is going to be on My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Mask. This was my first time using a face sheet mask and i was kinda of nervous! Its just a thin cotton sheet with extract on it. The way you apply is simple...put the mask on (it has precut eye and mouth holes), wait 15-20 minutes, remove mask and rub the left over extract in! short and simple.

This mask smells like a chocolate shop. rich and delicious. The extract was very refreshing and left my skin nice and moisturized.

I recommend this face mask and give it 4 out of 5 skulls. it was a little to big for my face and made me look like a goofball but it was worth it!!
Have you tried any of the my beauty diary line or any other face masks? let me know!!!

happy tuesday yall!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

macbook could be yours!

you should go check out Sparkling Reviews....she is having a macbook air and apple tv giveaway!! you can find all the info here! this contest runs until monday. good luck.

you know your looking at a winner!

wow...its been sometime. I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year. i  know i sure have....but as january winds down how are your resolutions doing? i didnt really make any this year, although i told myself i would work on my blog. So here it is...my first post of the new year!

This post is going to be about a giveaway i won some time back (in november...yikes) from a very lovely blogger from indonesia: Matcha!! You can find her blog here. Her reviews are wonderful and she has such a kind personality! check her out!

Matcha was kind enough to host a my beauty diary mask giveaway which included a my beauty diary mask in black pearl, mbdm chocolate truffle and etude house aloe sheet mask. I was the lucky winner, this was only my 2nd or 3rd giveaway that i had entered and the second i had won (ill post that one this week).

If you dont know anything about My Beauty Diary you can find information on their products here. They are based out of Taiwan and are all natural. I have heard lots of wonderful things from the blogosphere about asian sheet masks and was excited to get my hands on some!!!!
Black Pearl
chocolate truffle
baviphat sleeping packs.
The packaging is very cute...the aloe one has people watering the aloe^^^.
Im looking forward to trying out all of these masks so since today is/was monday...(face)Mask Monday is my first series of the new year.... look for this post next week.

Stay tuned for some random posts throughout the week.
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