Monday, September 26, 2011

another giveaway i found!!

so i was browsing through my blogger reading list and found a giveaway from Valentine Kisses from dreafashionista. This is a wonderful giveaway featuring over 60 products both drug store and high end!! im looking forward to seeing who the recipient of this wonderful giveaway is!!!

Giveaway is open until 0ct 16, which is a few weeks away!!

good luck if you decide to enter.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WnW walking on eggshells: review, swatches and look.

hello all in beautyland!!! Ive been trying to get this post done and am just NOW getting around to doing it. We went to the video game shop and bf is now occupied with Lost Planet or something and i have some free time on the computer!!!

This review is on the wet n wild trio palette in walking on eggshells which i picked up the other day. I also have silent treatment and some wnw nail polish that i have on schedule for another post.
This is a really nice neutral palette, perfect for work or everyday wear. These three colors are very pretty together. The eyelid is a nice soft peachy pink nude. The crease is a light brownish gold color (reminds me a little of UD halfbaked) and the browbone is a nice champagne color with sparkle.
These are best applied with a primer underneath. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the bottom half and no primer on the top. The crease color was the hardest to work with. It barely shows up with primer and i packed it on. The eyelid and crease colors look great with or without primer. I would definitely do aome other color as a highlight.
As far as quality goes, this is my first adult try with wnw and im pretty impressed. For $2.99(usd) i would recommend this. The only thing is that browbone color though. Highly pigmented and with primer has definite staying power.
no flash.
sorry about the whiteness on the last pic...i had the wrong lighting but i like the way the color turned out.

Thanks for checking it out.
until next time,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

from me to you!!

so i have been a hiatus but i was checking my blogger roll and saw that CharmedCharlee has a 200 follower giveaway going on!!! You can find that post here. its simple to enter and she has a great giveaway full of elf and mua products.

ill have a new post up in the morning....its late here but i wanted to get this out!!!

xoxo, and good luck:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

notd: nirvana plus my watermark!!!

hello all! this week has been superbusy and i havent been able to blog...omg, its been pure torture!!!

anywho, i finally figured out how to watermark my photos, with the assistance of my boyfriend, youtube tuts and photoshop. also got some new nail polish and wanted to share.

sinful colors: nirvana(949)
This color is really different, for me at least. in the bottle it looks like a brown, but once applied to nails it looks brownish grey, like chocolate from the fridge that has frost on it....Its really neutral and no glitter.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, i guess photoshop didnt like my size when i exported them..still learning though.
anyways, thanks for checking this post out..
until next time,


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

eotd...the first brown fall.

So today is my day off and what better to do then do some updating. this is my look from last night. I was inspired by the nice cool temperature and wanted something soft and elegant.
half smile...

no flash.
This is just a soft neutral look i decided to do on a lovely early fall day. I used mineralface fx and darling girl cosmetics shadows.
mineralface fx i used jedi which is a soft brownish color with a slight blue tint. This was used as my all over lid color. In my crease i decided to go with darling girl cosmetics in valiant. Its a gorgeous deep taupe-y shimmer. Its lovely. I also used darling girl cosmetics in dr pepper cake which to me looks like shimmery watered down dr pepper with gold/purple sparklies. This was used as my under eye liner. I also tend to use a shadow since pencil liner always smudges.

I topped this look off with 2 different black liners on my waterline: rimmel soft kohl liner in black and covergirls liquiline blast in black also. curled my lashes and and applied to coats of maybelline falsies in blackest black. I know its bad but the other way i can make this particular mascara look good is by pumping the wand. i hate doing it but i also hate having to waste mascara. oh well, live and learn.

I also used hard candy sheer envy primer, udpp, elf concealer in light, mineralface fx powder in medium light, elf bronzer in golden, and hard candy baked blush in pin up. On my lips i acutally just used some vaseline and a dollop of darling girl cosmetics holo-gloss in zombie. Its a pretty cranberry with blueish shimmer.

Thats all. I really liked this look and hope you do also.

 Thanks for checking in.

 until next time,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garnier Fructis Herbashine Hair Color with Bamboo Extract - Review!!

So awhile back on facebook i saw a status update from Garnier USA for a free box of their Herbashine Hair Color with Bamboo Extract and decided to jump on a great offer. It was time to dye my hair anyways...i was tired of the copperness and wanted something different.

I got my coupon in the mail and went to town.
dontcha just love free stuff?
The color I decided on was  415 Soft Mahogany Dark Brown. Its a vibrant dark brown with the softest mahogany highlight in the sun. Its really pretty.
supplies: plastic bag, hair color, petroleum jelly.
ive read numerous articles that say to use the petroleum jelly around your hairline and on ears so that if you get haircolor on yourself, it swipes off with the jelly. This is the first time i have ever used this method and i cant believe i hadnt discovered it sooner. Ive been dying my hair since i was 16!! The bag was for helping the color soak in. Also never tried that before and i must say, it was very helpful. The bag also helped by giving my kids something to laugh at and keep the hair dye smell away.
The color ended up being a lot darker then i thought it was going to be but that could of had something to do with the color my hair was BEFORE dying it. My hair was a weird red, orange and brown color and since it is fall I wanted to go darker.
after color.

before color.

Review: Overall I really enjoyed my experience with this product. I have been using garnier products for about 2 yrs and have had nothing but great experiences. The hair color its self was simply to use and wasnt as strong smelling as other hair dyes are known to be. It took about 10 minutes for the color to develop. I usually leave it on a minute or two longer then the normal time. For me it seems this helps the color to last longer and have great results.
I well definately recommend this product for friends and will be purchasing again when that times comes (ill be going back to red).

Thanks for checking my review out. comments or suggestions are welcomed.

 until next time,


so i have taken the last two weeks off from blogging and am making a comeback. I really want to stick with this beauty thing. My boyfriend has his music and while he is doing that, i can blog and whatnot. So i will be making this blog from here on out focused on beauty. I will also have other *random* posts about me/my life so you can get to know me also.

If you are still following me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think at 50 subscribers, i will be doing a giveaway so look forward to that. Im also working on a schedule and finding things on line. Its a work in progress but i will get it up and going.

thanks again for sticking with me.