Wednesday, August 24, 2011

making some changes.

So although I do love makeup and all things beauty I am going to be incorporating more of 'me' into my blog posts. Im just not able to keep up with trends and reviews and things of that nature so im turning the tables on this blog. Dont worry though, I will still posts looks and reviews when I have time.

Thanks for sticking with me in this time of change!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

things and stuff.

2nd post this week, im on a roll! I figured since I did swatches(here) on my darling girl goodies I would do a look…so here it is!

Used darling girl Chimera: Pale peach with gold shimmer (over white base) or pale silvery lavender with gold shimmer (over regular primer) over UDPP and it showed up as a light peach with gold shimmer. I know it says over primer it should be silvery lavender….maybe its just me but im not seeing it. I will defiantly try to use this with a different primer next time. DSC_0003

I also used Belle: Warm baby pink with subtle violet shift and gold shimmer in the crease. You can tell there is a difference but I also used a lighter hand today so it isnt as noticeable.


Liner is rimmel kohl liner in black with covergirl liquiline blast also in black over it and smudged out. For some reason one eye is always not symmetrical with my lining….I usually don’t line the top so I need some practice.


Curled my lashes and used covergirl lashblast volume, which I love…its my HG mascara. Used Hard Candy baked blush in pinup and just a smidge of darling girl zombie holo gloss.




I also found this on Loreals website: Loreal Gold Rewards found here. If you use Loreal Paris hair color (feria, preference, etc.) This is a good thing going on. For every box you purchase, you receive a number on the bottle (they have a number placement for every box…its on the site), you put it in and it counts as one credit. for every 5 boxes you purchase, you receive your 6th box for FREE!!!!! I definitely recommend this if you’re an at home hair color chameleon.

Thanks for checking out my blog, either for the first or 10th time, and keep checking in for more looks and things.

Have a great weekend(whats left of it)



Thursday, August 18, 2011

darling girl…swatches/review.

hello all!! welcome back to my blogs, thanks for checking it out!!

I have been super busy with life, but since school has started hopefully ill jump back on the blogging wagon…so here is my first post in a while.

I found out about Darling Girl from Mandy who I follow on blogger. Her looks are wonderful.


this is a review pack they have on the website. I decided to get this just to try it out, but I also placed an order for some other shadows.

The colors I received (plus website description)

Chimera: Pale peach with gold shimmer (over white base) or pale silvery lavender with gold shimmer (over regular primer)

Belle: Warm baby pink with subtle violet shift and gold shimmer.

Texas Tea: deep charcoal grey with green shift and loads of multicolored eye safe glitter.

Enchanted: Lilac-y pink with blue duo chrome glitter.

Zombie: which is a Holo-gloss lip gloss. Cranberry base with blue and copper holo shimmers.

These colors are all very wonderful. full of shimmer and great color payoff. I applied all of these over my too faced shadow insurance.


colors are bottom left(clockwise): Enchanted, Texas Tea, Zombie, Belle and Chimera.


I am really looking forward to purchasing more from darling girl…im getting my list compiled now!! another thing I love about this company is the fact you have 3 different sizes to choose from. Sample size is $0.70 and is approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon. Petit is $2.25 and holds approximately 1/4 teaspoon. Full Size is $5.50 and holds approximately 3/4 of a teaspoon. (prices and sizes from the website: here.

Thanks for checking out my blog. stay tuned for more things to come.

thanks. glitterskulls.

Monday, August 1, 2011

the last few days...

so i have been super busy with life and am just now having some free time to just going to do a picture dump...i have so many pics of the looks i have done this weekend.
creep and Catwoman.

excuse the blending....i was rushed.

zombie, pixie, mad hatter.

no flash.
buck, sidecar and sin...all from the naked palette.
hopefully this week i can keep up with the due for some shopping here soon and should be recieving my darling girl cosmetics order soon. Until next time, thanks for checking it out.