Monday, November 28, 2011

my holiday wishlist.

hello!!! the thanksgiving holiday is finally over, now we can move on to christmas!! anything you are really wishing for this year?  I have my list all prepared so i thought i would share!!!

 up first would  be a sweater knit infinity scarf.  this one is from old navy. I really love it and it would keep my neck much warmer then the light one i have now.

 From Shiro Cosmetics, i want need have to have the death note collection. death note was the first anime i had ever watched and i loved it!!!

 if someone got this for me, i would just die!!! i really want this since my others got lost in the move and water damaged. I think this would get lots of use since the kids really liked the movies and will LOVE the books even more!!!
a kitchenaide stand mixer....i would kill to have one of these. I enjoy baking and this would come in handy for cookies and cakes. the mixing bowls would be awesome for every day cooking.

i think that is about it! What are hoping  for this holiday season?

 thanks for reading!!


  1. I would love a mixer too, my arms get tired half way through mixing so my cakes are never as nice as I'd like lol!

  2. Great holiday wish list! Especially the Harry Potter books and the standing mixer ;) xoxo

  3. Thanks for the follow :D:D I LOVE the Death Note collection! My holiday wishlist just keeps growing and growing with every blog I read! <3 x