Thursday, December 8, 2011

victorian disco review....part 1

hey there lovelies!!! i finally have caught up on the housework and have two napping children so i have time to post part of my Victorian Disco Cosmetics review so here we go!!!

I found out about Victorian Disco Cosmetics (im just gonna call it VDC) on Beautylish. if you have never been on there i highly suggest you check it out! Beautylish is one of many social sites about makeup/beauty and by far the best i have been to!!! everyone is wonderful and there are some very talented beauties on can find me on beautylish here! Anywho....i ran across Smashley S.(dontcha love it) and she was asking if anyone was interested in doing trial reviews for her new cosmetics company...of course i said yes!!! i had seen some swatches on the VDC facebook page and was super excited to be able to participate in this trial!!!

onto some pictures: here is the black and pink bag the trials were sent to me cute are they?

love the return star!!

inside i received 6 samples and a lovely tokidoki note.

 i really like the colors i recieved.  For being a sample it is quite a bit of not really good with eyeballing measurments so im not sure the size but you can get quite a bit of wear out of these. The only thing i wish the label would of been on the other side but i understand its purpose to keep the bag sealed so its not a big deal....just personal preference. and how cute is the tokidoki note? i love it!!!!

colors: I received 6 samples...5 shadows and 1 cosmetic glitter. the shadows are: do the jabba jabba, yodas yoga mat, tatooine, pannier, and revolutionary ball. I love the names...and anything nerdy rocks in my wars is really easy to pick awesome makeup names!!! The glitter i got is predator.

 i dont know why those are sideways...sorry!!! 
on part of 1 of this review i did tatooine, revolutionary ball and pannier...swatched over tfsi and bare hand.
tatooine, pannier, revolutionary ball.

I really love all 3 of these colors....esp pannier! tatooine is a nice gold with gold flecks...its really pretty. pannier is a neutral taupe-y brown with a hint of gold shimmer....its looks great on a neutral eye. revolutionary ball is a nice blue with a kind of green shift with pink/green/blue shimmer. (im terrible with describing colors these are what i see)

natural light
on these three colors the color payout is wonderful....i do recommend using a primer unless you like the soft look...and i would imagine that revolutionary ball would look gorgeous on top of a black or dark blue base.
i was going to do a look with these 3 colors but havent had the chance to yet.....hopefully soon i will have that up.....i do have a pic with pannier on though...
this is it with udnp1 naked underneath and a nice black liner.

i really love this color it super awesome!!!!
hopefully i can have some time to do part 2 of this review....soon!  until then  here is a peek at predator!!

until next time lovelies!!!! 

(this product was sent to me for review)

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