Monday, July 11, 2011

my box of tricks.

I have finally found the time to fill my yazmo makeup case!!! its way super convenient to use and all my makeup is safe from little wandering hands!!!
                                                               looks harmless
                   primers, mascara, eyeliner, lip stuff, samples of mffx, blushes, bronzers and perfume samples, powder, all kinds of goodies

once you open it up, your greeted by all the rest of my mffx shadows and my lovely new toy first urban decay purchase ever!!!! underneath that is a nyx glitter palette and my eyelash curler.

all my nail stuff!! got some china glaze, opi, essie and zoya!! also have some sally hansen, my kiss stickers and the green box is full of my konad and bundle monster stampers!!
 random makeup bags, polish removers and my coastal scents palette.           

Thanks for taking a look!! if you have any questions about any products shown...let me know!!

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