Monday, July 11, 2011

urban decay naked pallete!! swatches and reviews!!

Thanks for checking in again!! I have purchased my FIRST urban decay product and i have to say, im in love with it!! I have read numerous reviews and have seen a crap ton of pictures/tuts with the naked palette featured and i had to check it out for myself!!
   Love the packaging!!! it comes in a nice dark chocolate colored velvet type box..i love it! it looks great against the purple holder.  The back of the box gives UD's description of the product with colors and ingredients listed.

I wasnt able to get mine with the liner like some people were able to, but i got a full size Good Karma eyeshadow brush which runs about $24. on the far this brush is awesome and it works phenomenally well with the set. i havent tried any other brushes it with it yet...but one day i will.

 from left to right: virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck,halfbaked, smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep and gunmetal..another thing i like about UD is their superb color name skills.

 here is the first set of was a fast snap since the kids are roaming around( i talk about them like zombies lol) but here are the first six
virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck and halfbaked
     and here are the other 6:
smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep and gunmetal

                              so far i have only used the lighter of the colors since it has been so hot out, but once the weather decides to corporate   i will definatly use the darker colors.....

thanks for checking it out


  1. I literally just got this palette last Friday! I looove it! I used Virgin, Naked, and a little bit of Buck today for work...I think its going to be my daily look =)

  2. so far ive used sidecar, smog and halfbaked....they look nice together. im excited to try all the colors eventually....